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“Why Roof Inspections Are So Important”

Your home is your safe haven; it is typically your largest investment and makes up a large portion of your net worth. The roof of your home protects your most valuable assets, your family and the things you care about most. Many homeowners assume that if they have good insurance and a long-term material warranty; everything will be okay. However, that is just not the case!

Many homeowners are not as protected as they think. Here’s why…

Fact: A roof makes up a large portion of a home’s exterior exposure, giving it the greatest risk of damage from thecheck elements; yet its many homeowners most neglected assets.

checkFact: Homeowner insurance is largely reactive designed to cover sudden, accidental and unavoidable damage but does not provide coverage if the damage is due to neglect or lack of maintenance.

checkFact: Warranties seldom pay! Roofing manufacturers claim 97% of all roof problems are not covered by any long-term material warranty. Note: Think twice about this before buying any extended roofing warranty.

Undoubtedly, “lack of maintenance” is among the top reasons why roofs fail.

Whether it’s a large hole or a small leak, water below the top layer of a roof surface destroys everything in its path. However, small leaks are the worst leaks, because undetected the damage is ongoing. It rots wood sheathing and trusses, increases utility costs and can even cause’s unknown health challenges due to mold and mildew. This damage gradually eats away at your safety, comfort and security, often up to 13 years, before it becomes visible inside the home.


Roof inspection is the best proactive and cost effective key to extend a roof’s useful service life!

Regardless of its age roofs get damaged. For example, rodents and wind borne debris can strike anywhere and anytime. Much of this damage cannot be seen from the ground but require a visit up on the roof and inside the attic; a job best left to a professional.

Annual roof inspections are your best defense against water invading your home. When roof problems are identified early and timely roof repairs are made when necessary, roof replacements can be postponed saving homeowner thousand of dollars.

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