Exterior and on Top: How to Coordinate Your Roof Colors with Your Exterior Paint

May 1, 2019 | How To Articles

Curb appeal matters. An attractive exterior makes your house more valuable than a house without curb appeal. Part of that attractive package is coordinating your roof colors, paint, and landscape.

Your roof can last anywhere from 10 – 30 years or more with care, while exterior paint might last about five years. So how do you maintain a color-coordinated appearance? Color trends change frequently.

After all, how many people still have turquoise vinyl siding or avocado green stucco? They might have the same roof after all these years. The right roof material and colors ensure striking good looks for many years to come, no matter what color paint you choose.

Read on to learn more.

Choose Your Roof Colors

Many people are surprised to find that roof colors aren’t limited to shades of brown or gray. Your roof can be a particular design element like the stunning copper dome of the Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) or the bright orange clay tiles of Siena, Italy. Or you might want a neutral to give your paint a chance to shine.

Brown or gray roofing works well with almost any paint scheme. The key is to look for matching tones. Some browns may have a warm coppery tone or a cooler grayish tone.

Grays are much the same, some have cool undertones, others are warmer. As long as your paint colors are in the correct color family, the result is pleasing. The biggest decision is how light or dark your roof should be.

Think About Energy Costs

This decision has to take into account the climate and energy costs of your region. A light colored roof can keep your attic temperature 50 degrees cooler than a dark color.

A home in sunny Florida, where air conditioning costs are high and temperatures tend to be warm wants a heat reflective roof. A Massachusetts home with southern exposure would choose a dark roof for passive solar gain.

Choose Your Roof Material

Depending on the roofing material you choose, you have almost unlimited color choices. Because even the shortest-lived roof will last longer than your exterior paint and trim, choose your roof material and color first, then your paint.

Decide if you want your roof to be the focal point of the exterior or if you want to draw attention elsewhere. For example, if you have an unusual roofline or striking dormer windows in the front, you may want eye-catching copper or metallic finishes to draw the eye.

A home at the seashore might choose an unobtrusive, low profile composite in a pale gray to blend in with the sky.

Use a Color Wheel to Choose Paint Colors

A color wheel is a simple tool to help you visualize complementary colors. Any exterior paint color you want can be harmonized with your roof colors for a coordinated look, so long as a tone match is made.

Our experts can help you with all the options.

Whether you are replacing an existing roof or looking to change the design aesthetic of your home, color choice is an important decision. Call us today for a consultation.


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