Why You Should Consider Green Roofing

Jan 2, 2013 | Roof Replacement

Lots of people these days are inquiring aboutgreen roofing“. If you ask half a dozen people what that means to them, then you’ll likely get half a dozen different answers. It all depends on what aspect of “green” it is that you’re talking about.

Generally speaking, green roofing falls into four different categories:

Green Roof Materials

When people talk about green roofing, sometimes they are simply referring to the color of the material. Because the roof accounts for approximately 50% of your home’s visible exterior surface area, choosing the right colors can greatly impact the curb appeal of your home. Many design experts recommend choosing complimentary colors which will enhance brick, siding, paint, and trim colors.

Generally, darker colors will provide contrasting color for accenting widows, doors, and other architectural elements, while lighter colors will simplify a home’s lines and angles, making the home appear larger.

Roof Gardens, Living Walls, Eco Roofs

Another type of green roof is the kind that is used to plant vegetation or gardens. These roofing systems have numerous environmental and financial benefits. However, due to the complexity of building structure, waterproofing systems, and root barriers, this kind of green roofing usually comes with a very high initial cost. It may not always be the most practical solution if you live in an area where this kind of roofing is not very common.

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient

Another common reference to green roofing is the kind that is simply eco-friendly and energy-efficient. There are several factors in roof installation that can help a home’s energy efficiency. Proper roof installation will include proper venting that will help keep the attic cooler in the hot summer months, resulting in lower air-conditioning bills.

It’s important to not settle for a roof installation that doesn’t consider energy-efficiency best practices. When deciding on a roofer, make sure you ask questions about ventilation and energy-efficiency. The best roofers will be able to explain what they are doing that will save you money on electricity.

The Longer a Roof Last The Greener It Is

Additionally, roofing manufacturers design their materials to withstand the climate and weather conditions for up to 50 years. Unfortunately many roofs leak and need to be replaced in as little as 12 to 15 years; long before the roofing material has served it’s useful service life. Roof leaks are caused by faulty workmanship, cheap nails, lack of maintenance or a recommendation for roof replacement instead of a roof repair was followed. When any one of these failure occur tons of otherwise perfectly good materials are hauled off to the landfill prematurely, which is not green friendly at all.


Whether it’s a green-colored material, Eco-friendly, or a long lasting roof these are important factors in green roofing to think about when considering a roof replacement. Curb appeal and a green friendly roofs will make a big difference in your wallet both on a monthly basis, and in the resale value of the home.

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