My Roof Is Leaking! Now What?

Jan 11, 2017 | Roof Repair, Roof Replacement

The last thing any homeowner wants to see is water leaking through the ceiling, dripping onto the carpet or running down the wall. After frantically placing a bucket under the leak, the next step is likely making panic calls. They talk to any Sarasota roofing company telling whoever answers the phone, “My roof is leaking!” That’s exactly the wrong thing to do.

Instead, take a deep breath and put down the phone. In most cases, the leak has been developing for some time and just now became obvious. The damage is already done. A little more rain won’t really change the situation.

Find a Roofer With the Experience to Find the Problem and Fix the Roof

Finding the source of a roof leak can be one of the most challenging problems a roofer faces. This is why it’s not uncommon for someone to hear that the leak is fixed. Later, only to find out that the roof is still leaking the next time it rains. It can take a lot of detective work to track down the problem and years of experience to develop that skill. Unless a limb blew off the live oak in the yard during a storm and put a hole in the roof, making the source of the leak really obvious, you need to hire the most experienced Sarasota roofers you can find.

Once water has found a way in, it travels. On a very large roof, the water could travel 200 ft. before it leaks into the building. An experienced roofer has learned to “think like water” and backtrack the water from the leak to the source.

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Signs That Your Roof is Developing a Leak

A quick review of the signs of a leaky roof could prevent you from ever finding yourself in this situation. Fixing roof leaks early is always a lot cheaper.

  • Broken, Cracked, Buckled or Missing Shingles: An open invitation for water to enter the home
  • Granule Loss: When granule loss is obvious on older shingles, they need replacement
  • Mold and Algae: Mold flourishes in Florida’s heat and humidity, and can indicate a developing problem
  • Damaged Flashing: Could indicate a faulty installation or signal that the roof is drying and cracking
  • Inadequate Attic Ventilation: Causes shingles to bake and dry out while making your A/C work too hard – costing you money
  • Damp Spots: Damp areas in the attic or the ceiling are a sure sign that the roof is leaking and will get worse

At SonShine Roofing, our goal for the past several decades has always been to provide superior craftsmanship which will extend the life of the roof. We back up our work with a guarantee: “If You’re Not Happy, You Don’t Pay.” We believe in customer service and treating the customer right. This means making repairs when it will maximize the life of the roof and recommending a new roof when that’s the most cost-effective option. Call 941-866-4320 to schedule your Tip Top Roof Checkup now.

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