When the economy is slow many roofing contractors lower their prices to gain jobs. Yet at the same time contracting costs keep increasing. Just one example, recently, over 200,000 Florida employers received their unemployment tax notices for 2011.  These rates are nearly triple the 2010 rates.  This follows a rate increase in 2010 of three times the previous rate. The combination of these two rate increases add up to a nine-fold increase in just over one year. Imagine something that used to cost $200.00 a year ago, now costing $1800.00.

Just a side note, only government agencies could get away with such exhorbent price increases, private businesses would be shut down.

Don’t Get Caught With A Warranty From A Contractor Who Is Positioning Themselves To Go Out Of Business.

Unfortunately many contractors when faced with these types of price increases either cheat the system or try to absorb the cost. Both of these options will eventually catch up with them and could force them out of business leaving you without a warranty.

Homeowners will receive large price differences when gathering bids. There usually is a reason for both the low or high prices. The challenge homeowner’s face is determining those reasons. My experience has been that the age old adage “You get what you pay for” is seldom true when buying cheap. When buying cheap, while the investment may be low, one seldom gets their money’s worth. However, we’ve found “being uninformed” puts one at risk regardless whether they choose the lowest or highest bid.

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