9 Warning Signs of Roof Leaks

Your roof may be telling you something. There are various reasons why roofs leak. Here are 9 warning signs that present reasons for concern during the life of a roof.

There are also many less obvious items which allow water intrusion which are frequently missed. Small roof leaks cause rotten wood and even mold and mildew just like large leaks do. However, small roof leaks are frequently not discovered, by the untrained eye, until they are large enough to become obvious. By then complete roof replacement is frequently necessary.

The best way to be certain your roof is in tip-top shape is to have it regularly inspected by an experienced roofing professional.


Roof Leak Warning Sign #1: Algae and Mold

  • Occurs most often in warm, humid climates such as the southeast United States
  • Caused by growth of airborne fungi or algae deposited on roof
  • May not impact overall life of the shingle, but could indicate potential problems

Roof Leak Warning Sign #2: Buckling Shingles

  • May be caused by improperly applied felt
  • May be caused by movement in the deck of the roof

Roof Leak Warning Sign #3: Curling Shingles

  • May be caused by water absorption
  • May be caused by hot air in the attic
  • Does not effectively protect the roof from leaks

Roof Leak Warning Sign #4: Damaged Flashing

  • Caused by improper installation (on new roof)
  • Caused by drying and cracking (on old roof)
  • Can sometimes be repaired without replacing roof

Roof Leak Warning Sign #5: Granule Loss

  • Normally a certain number of granules will be loose, especially after application
  • On aging shingles, indicates need for replacement

Roof Leak Warning Sign #6: Lack Of Attic Ventilation

  • Results in trapped hot air in the attic
  • Forces air conditioner to work harder (and possibly break down)
  • Bakes the roof’s shingles

Roof Leak Warning Sign #7: Missing Shingles

  • Caused by storms and high wind speeds
  • Usually related to improper fastening of the shingles

Roof Leak Warning Sign #8: Roof Rot

  • Caused by absorption of of moisture in the mat
  • More common with organic-based shingles

Roof Leak Warning Sign #9: Ceiling or Roof Spots

  • When water gets through, you may see water stains in your ceiling
  • Leaks may appear around chimneys and vents
  • Leaks may even ‘travel’ down rafters and show up away from the original source

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Richard C.


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