Taking Care of Roof Maintenance Saves Money!

Apr 13, 2016 | Roof Maintenance

While it’s easy to ignore the maintenance needs of your roof, it’s not a good idea to do so. Roofing materials are designed to last for many years but, without proper maintenance, their lifespan will be shortened. That’s why Sonshine Roofing is such a strong proponent of establishing regular roof maintenance schedules and sticking to them. When roofing maintenance is conducted, there are specific points that must be addressed.

Examine the Entire Roof

That can’t be done from the ground, as it’s simply too difficult to notice minor details that can be easily seen when the roofing experts actually walk the roof looking for issues. Any debris on the roof or in the gutters must be removed to allow a complete inspection. Flashing materials must also be carefully examined for any signs of damage or weakness. Vents and any other openings in the roof are typical sources of roof leaks, and their condition should be carefully monitored.

Look for Issues in the Attic

Top Sarasota roofing companies know that a careful examination of the attic is crucial during a roof maintenance inspection. Even minor leaks are often visible in the attic even before they become obvious from the roof itself and well before they can cause significant damage to your home. Since specific areas of the roof are more prone to damage and, therefore, leaks, expert roofers will always make sure those vulnerable spots are checked carefully for any signs of developing problems.

Weather-Related Problems

Strong winds and driving rains are common in the Sarasota region, and true roofing experts are always looking for signs of damage from weather events. Even when shingles are not actually blown off as a result of our area’s storms, they can be loosened or otherwise damaged. That means they need to be repaired now before the next big storm can cause more damage.

Spotting Past Installation Mistakes

While a good roofing contractor knows the proper techniques for installing all types of roofing products, some roofers will still make mistakes that can lead to problems. Misplaced, exposed, overdrive or under-driven nails, for example, are quite common, not easy to see, and unnoticed by the untrained or experienced eye. But they always allow small amounts of water protrusion. Even if the amount is small it will destroy a roof prematurely. Flashing materials are also subject to installation errors, and those mistakes should always be taken care of to maintain your roof’s integrity.

Of course, there are other roof repair issues a Sarasota roofer should carefully consider during roofing maintenance inspections.

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Our professional staff members understand how vital your roof is and that proper maintenance will prolong the life of every roof. Taking the time to schedule a roof inspection today, and setting up a regular maintenance program, can save a great deal of money over the life of your roof.

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