Your Guide to Roof Maintenance for a Strong Roof

May 14, 2018 | Roof Maintenance

Maybe you just replaced the roof on your home and want to make sure it lasts you for a long time. Or maybe you have a roof that’s on the older side that you want to keep around for a few more years.

Either way, the simplest way to extend the life of your roof is by doing the proper roof maintenance. When you maintain your roof and keep a close eye on it throughout the year, you can prevent problems from popping up and doing harm to your roof.

There are some roof maintenance steps you can take on your own. There are others that should be left up to the professionals.

Let’s take a look at some of the roof maintenance you should do to make your roof last as long as possible.

Inspect Your Roof From the Ground Twice Every Year

When people hear the words “roof maintenance,” they’re sometimes under the assumption that they need to climb up on their roof to care for it. That’s simply not true.

You can actually do a very basic form of roof maintenance from the ground.

About two times every year, preferably in the fall and spring, you should take a look up at your roof and inspect it yourself. Look for:

  • Missing shingles
  • Broken or loose tiles
  • Loose or missing flashing
  • Broken gutters

If you spot any of these things or see anything else that looks off, it’ll then be time to contact a professional roofing company. They can step in and see what the real problem is and correct it so that your roof doesn’t sustain any further damage.

Have Your Roof Professionally Inspected

In addition to inspecting your roof on your own a couple times every year, you should also hire a professional roofing company to conduct a more thorough roof inspection for you at least once a  year.

During a roof inspection, a roofing company can get up on the roof and check every nook and cranny of it for signs of trouble.

From the ground, you might not be able to see a piece of flashing that has come loose. You also might miss the dip in the middle of your roof where water is pooling.

Professional roofers are trained to do roof maintenance and will see to it that your roof is in great condition. This will give you the peace of mind that comes along with doing regular roof inspections.

Clean Out Your Gutters Regularly

You might not think that your gutters have much to do with your roof. But in reality, your roof will be in big trouble if you don’t take the time to maintain your gutters properly.

If your gutters are filled with leaves, tree branches, and dirt, it will be very difficult for water to pass through them cleanly. This will cause water to back up inside of your gutters and stay there causing damage to the adjacent roofing facets

The good news is that you can keep your gutters functioning properly by simply cleaning them out on a regular basis. It’s great to get into the habit of cleaning them out before raining season comes so that there isn’t anything stuck inside of them blocking the flow of water.

Trim Any Trees That Grow Over Your Roof

Trees that grow over the top of a roof can present problems for it.

For starters, tree branches can fall off a tree and come crashing down on a roof. If the branches are big enough, they can do damage to it when they fall. But even if they’re on the smaller side, they will still end up sitting on your roof and could cause damage if you don’t remove them quickly enough.

Trees can also provide the shade that moss and algae need to grow on a roof. While a little bit of shade isn’t the worst thing in the world, you will want to be mindful of providing too much of it if your roof is susceptible to moss and algae.

Check for Signs of Moss and Algae on Your Roof

Speaking of moss and algae, they’re known to grow on roofs and cause moisture to build on them. This moisture can work its way under shingles and cause your roof to rot.

You can typically see signs of moss and algae from the ground level. But even if you can’t see it, that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

During a roof inspection, roofers will check for signs of moss and algae and recommend how to remove it properly if they find it. They’ll also give you roofing tips for keeping moss and algae off your roof in the years to come.

Monitor Signs of Roof Leaks Inside Your Home

Are there dark spots forming on the ceilings of your home, or is there water that is working its way into your attic space?

These are indications that you might have a roof leak. Roof leaks can be hard to spot even if you’re right up next to them. Keep in mind if you begin to see signs of a leak it may have been leaking many months or years before it ever presents itself inside your home.

You can prevent most leaks from springing in the first place by doing regular roof maintenance. However,  there’s always a chance your roof could start leaking suddenly.

You should never put off having a leak fixed. You want to catch it and fix it before it turns into a situation where you need to replace your whole roof or have a much more costly repair.

Get Help With All Your Roof Maintenance Needs

Could you use a helping hand when it comes to roof maintenance? You should consider checking on your roof with a roof inspection from an experienced roofing company. It will ensure your roof is in tip-top condition and reveal any problem areas you might want to monitor.

Contact us to schedule a roof inspection or to learn more ways to maintain your roof over time.

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