The Average Roof Repair Cost: A Guide on What You Can Expect to Pay

Nov 13, 2019 | Roof Repair

Did you know that North Port, Florida homeowners can expect to shell out an average of $10,770 for a new roof? That’s only the average, so the costs can go up to over $14,000 or even as high as $30,000 for higher-end systems!

The good news is, just because you have a leaking roof doesn’t mean you already need a replacement. It’s possible to repair minor damages, so long as you get your local roofing experts on it ASAP. Roof repairs are often more cost-effective than a replacement.

So, the big Q is, how much should you expect your roof repair cost to be? This depends on many factors, including the nature and extent of the problem itself.

In any case, we’ll give you some idea of typical roof repair costs, so be sure to keep reading!

Average Roof Repair Cost Based on the Roofing Material

The exact type of roofing shingles you have, such as if it’s asphalt or wooden, will affect your repair bills. Of course, the bigger the size of the repairs, the higher your costs.

Asphalt Shingle Roof

Asphalt shingles, being among the most affordable, are also the most common in the US. They’re also some of the cheapest to repair, with a 10×10-foot square pro repair job running between $600-$800.

Tile Roof

This is one of the most durable product and can be one of the most expensive products to repair. Sometimes it can be a simple repair like caulking a few tiles or re-attaching a loose tile. An average 10′ x 10′ area costing double that of an asphalt shingle roof for the same size area.

Wooden Shingle Roof

Repairing wooden shingles could cost two to three times more than asphalt shingles. Wooden roofs are no doubt classy, elegant, and highly-customizable. But they’re not the best choice for Florida weather, which could get a little too harsh.

Metal Roof

As for metal roof repairs, the national average cost is around $1,300. In Florida, according to Home Advisor, metal roof repair jobs usually range from $687 to $1,695.

Roof Repair vs Replacement

One of the best ways to determine whether repairs are a good idea is to get a professional roof inspection. This way, the roofing experts can confirm how big the affected area is and if it would still be easy to repair and deal with.

If there are only a few missing parts or small leaks, then repairs would be the more practical choice. But if there’s a large balding area on your roof or you have a worn underlayment, a replacement may be the best choice.

Prevent Your Roof from Degrading past the Point of Repairs

There you have it, your ultimate guide on the average roof repair cost. Again, it varies widely, depending on the type of roof and materials needed for the repair job. What’s important, however, is to not delay getting pros to check out your roof.

The sooner you have roofing experts examine your roof, the sooner they can find out the problem. The sooner they can repair the issue, the sooner they can prevent it from worsening.

Think you’re dealing with a leaky roof but can’t pinpoint where exactly the problem is? Then please don’t hesitate to ring us up! We’ll be happy to inspect your roof and help you figure out if you can still save it with prompt repairs.


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