Seven Ways To Make Sure Your Roofing Contractor Will Rip You Off!

Jun 5, 2013 | How To Articles


We at SonShine Roofing don’t want you to get ripped off by any roofing contractor.

The following scenarios are based on three premises:

  • The fact that both shingle and tile roofs do provide a useful service life for over 25 years if proper steps are taken.
  • If a roof can last that long, “it should”. But, if it doesn’t the buyer has most likely been ripped off.
  • Sometimes, it is easier to see what not to do than to see what should be done.

Please keep in mind, this article is not an attack against roofing contractors, building departments, or the roofing industry. We hope these tips will help you know what not to do. Our goal is to help you handle possible scenarios that could become a rip off.

Learn what NOT to do.

Rip Off #1

Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured, but don’t give a second thought about the people they hire or the unlicensed and uninsured sub-contractors they use.

Rip Off #2

Listen to the sales person’s stories of the manufacturer’s long term materials warranty. Don’t think about the fact that they most likely are only talking about one of the many products used on your roof. When they write “Comes with a 30 or 50 year manufacturer’s warranty” on your bid just accept it as fact. Do not pay attention to the warranty’s many exclusions and small print requirements.

Rip Off #3

Believe “The Price” is the biggest factor to consider. Or let price be the final determinator as long as the contractor meets all government requirements and use name brand materials. To make sure this failure works effectively you should, get 3 or more “Free Estimates” and ignore the fact that your experience has repeatedly proven; anything you ever received that was truly free was usually worthless.

Rip Off #4

Don’t worry when products from different manufacturers are being used on your roof, this helps keep your bid cost down and it only voids the warranty when a roof failure occurs.

Rip Off #5

Believe all approved and certified roofing contractors will meet all the requirements necessary for an effective extended workmanship warranty from the Manufacturer. Contractors would never take shortcuts to give you a lower bid, would they?

Rip Off #6

Believe that if a roofing permit is pulled; you are getting a high quality roof. Trust the building department’s inspector will make sure all work is done correctly. When a roofer writes “All work will be done per local building code” don’t even think, that those word could actually mean “We will do everything as cheaply as possible without getting into trouble by the building department”.

Rip Off #7

Refuse to have all decision makers present to meet the roofing contractor. After all, you are busy. Ask them to mail, email or slide it under the door. Your lack of roofing experience to decipher the things that are written and/or omitted in the bid and your ability to pick based on the price tag should certainly guarantee a very undesirable outcome for you.

With over 5 decades of roofing experience we see misinformed homeowners making these mistakes all the time. This results in many roofs failing in less than 10 to 15 years; less than one half of its useful life.

Contact Sonshine Roofing to learn about steps and proven methods we take to make sure the above disasters don’t happen to you. By utilizing our recommendations you can effectively double your roof’s useful service life.



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  1. Robert Beasley

    Just like to say thank you for all the useful information you have given on what to look for in a roofing contractor. I know nothing about roofing, last may we were hit by the May tornado, contractors were knocking on my door just hours after. Before we could even get a grip on what just happened. We got bids from 4000 to 9000 dollars. I couldn’t believe the price difference. Thanks to the I read here, I have an idea what to look for. Cause I can’t afford to be ripped off. Were just now finding leaks. Now I’m looking for a roofer. Hoping I have enough money. Thank you for your help.
    Robert Beasley.

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