Roofing Tips to Ensure Yours Lasts Longer

May 21, 2019 | How To Articles, Roof Maintenance

When you’ve invested time and money installing a beautiful roof, you want to do everything you can to preserve it.

While having the best roof installed in the first place is a good start, there are still many steps you can take to regularly protect and care for your roof.

Here are 5 simple roofing tips to ensure your roof lasts the full length of its intended life.

1. Install a “Breathable” Roof

When you choose a roofer and style of roof for your home, an important aspect that many people overlook is the importance of having a roof installed that “breathes” well.

What does this mean? A proper roof, one that will last long, should have the right amount of ventilation and a breathable underlayment. There are many new types of products such as “Peel and Stick” membranes that are installed over roof decks that don’t allow the roof to breathe. This can trap moisture in the wood causing it to fail or rot out.

Ventilation is so important in fact, that without it, the rotting that can result can lead to damage to your overall roof. That damage can be as severe as a roof that buckles and sinks.

2. Prune Tree Branches

While tall trees are a lovely aspect of any home’s landscaping, they can present some serious risks to your roof.

Before you hack your trees to pieces or remove them entirely, keep in mind that you can still have large trees surrounding your house, while still protecting your roof from the large branches.

Regular pruning of your trees prevents large branches from overhanging and scratching your roof, puncturing it, or in cases of severe weather, crashing through your roof.

3. Clean Those Gutters

It may have been the job you hated most as a teenager, but it’s vital to a healthy roof life.

Regularly clearing out your roof’s gutters will protect water leakage into attics. It will also protect your gutters from overloading and needing to be replaced or repaired.

Twice a year is a good minimum for clearing out all debris from your roof’s drainage system.

4. Don’t DIY

Let’s be honest, it can be tempting to do minor roofing repairs on your own. But with the high number of roofing deaths a year, even among professional roofers, we don’t recommend it.

When in doubt, or better yet, when in need, just call a professional. Professional roofers have experience with repairs, inspections, and installation. But even more valuable is their experience with working safely on a roof.

Having a roofing repair needed is hassle enough. Don’t add injury to your list of worries.

More Roofing Tips

Following these roofing tips, and having a quality roof installed in the first place will save you big bucks in the long run, all while affording you the pleasure of enjoying a beautiful roof for years to come.

For more helpful ideas on caring for your roof, check out our blog.

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