Roofing Truths from Sonshine Roofing

Sep 28, 2012 | How To Articles, Roof Maintenance, Roof Repair, Roof Replacement

Think You Need A New Roof? Think Again!

Sonshine Roofing’s Roof Repair Crew Specializes in saving homeowners thousands of dollars by repairing what many roofers would want to replace.

It’s an all too common occurrence … you know there’s something wrong with your roof. Maybe you have discolored patches, or algae or moss buildup, loose or missing shingles, exposed nails, maybe even a loose gutter. So you call the first roofer you find in the phone book and he tells you “Yep, you’re gonna need a new roof!”

Many times, these roofers want to sell you a brand new roof, costing thousands and thousands of dollars, when all you really need is a simple repair!

Roofing Revelation #1: Repair or Replace

Did you know, in many instances, your roof can be repaired, saving you thousands of dollars in needless expenses. But many roofers will tell you that a replacement is needed because they can charge you more money for a complete roof replacement. In fact, most roofers don’t even touch repairs. All they want to do is go around slapping new roofs on homes, many times carelessly, which can void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Roofing Revelation #2: Does that 50 -Year Warranty Really Mean 50 Years of no additional expenses and long-term peace of mind?

Let’s talk about warranties. When roofers offer you a long-term warranty, you may not know that it only applies to certain materials, such as the shingles, tile or just one component of your roof. Many homeowners may not know that it has nothing to do with the quality or longevity of their roof. And regardless of what is written on your paperwork, when a roof is improperly installed (not according to exact manufacturer specifications) your warranty is actually null and void!

Roofing Revelation #3: How To Save Yourself … and Save Your Roof!

This is where we come in. Sonshine Roofing knows that many times we can make a repair, saving you thousands in replacement costs. We can make it right, keeping you and your family safe and sound, and giving you the peace of mind you thought you had when you bought that roof with the so-called warranty.

Roofing Revelation #4: Sonshine Roofing’s Roof Repair Crew = peace of mind and safety for you and your family!

It is the goal of Sonshine Roofing to make sure that you rest well at night, knowing that you’ve got a good, reliable roof overhead. And know that you didn’t spend thousands of extra dollars unnecessarily to feel that way.

Don’t Wait! Call Sonshine Roofing at 941-866-4320 today and ask about our Roof Repair Crew. We’ll come out and do a 17-Point Tip Top Roof Service that will show you any flaws your roof may have. Even if it’s been poorly installed, our 17-Point Tip Top Roof Service will point it out. Wouldn’t you rather save thousands of dollars now and know that your roof is going to keep you and your family dry for years to come?

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