We recently received a comment on our Facebook page from someone who was upset that we do not give free estimates. The post indicated it must be greedy if a company does not offer a free estimate for roofing work.

I understand how a potential buyer may feel. As the owner of Sonshine Roofing I (Amos) pushed back too when I was first introduced to up front service charges instead of giving “free estimates.”

I know many people expect to receive free estimates, it is a common practice. When you consider that most professionals in any other field charge for their service it makes one wonder about the professionalism of the roofing industry, doesn’t it? That aside, the fact remains many roofers still don’t charge upfront fees. This leads to many roofers following the masses. It’s something many believe they must offer to get their foot in the door, so to speak.

Unfortunately, driving to someone’s home incurs a number of costs. This includes gas, vehicle usage, employee time, and other factors. Companies that do not charge upfront must add or hide these costs in their “overhead.” This leaves paying customers covering the cost incurred for all the ‘free estimates” given to everyone, whether they ended up using the service or not. Of course, this is never shown as a line item in the bid, it’s a hidden expense.

Like I said earlier, we pushed back too. But when we fully understood what we were doing by just going along with the majority, we found two things.

  1. Someone had to pay for those free estimates.
  2. We found it unfair and unprofessional to charge our paying clients for service we gave away free to someone else.

That’s when we removed those costs from our overhead charges and charged a fee up front, for every service call we make.

In addition to our upfront fee for estimates (dispatch fee), here are just a few more “unheard of” things our clients really appreciate.

Our customers appreciate: 

  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our services including our upfront fee.
  • We provide a lowest investment guaranty when comparing apples to apples.
  • Additionally, with an appointment we will show you four things which can double a roof’s useful service life when they are properly utilized. Sharing these four things with homeowners is not required by building departments, so they are typically not even mentioned by roofers who just go along with the majority. We want to go above and beyond.

If operating our business this way makes you think we are greedy; it is a price Sonshine Roofing will gladly pay to share our message.

We are grateful for the opportunity to share with you why we charge a dispatch fee.




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