Homeowner Alert: The New Counterfeit Roofing Nail Scam to Avoid

Dec 27, 2012 | Your Safety

Recently, the building departments from several Florida counties have notified roofers regarding the use of approved nails. Some Sarasota-area roofers and nail manufacturers may try to take the easy (and cheaper) way out in order to cut corners and boost sales, but that’s not the best thing for your roof. These nails can cause damage to the shingles due to the wires sticking up after being nailed.

This is something Sonshine Roofing has been talking about for many years.

Many roofers use the cheapest roofing nails they can buy. You may be saving money in the short-term when roofers cut costs by using cheap nails like this, but may be voiding the roof’s warranty in the process.  Many roofers brag about the long-term, 50-year shingle warranty, yet leave homeowners uninformed about the fine print in the warranty regarding installation and other material requirements in order to keep that warranty in tact.

This means when roofs fail homeowners end up paying for a new roof long before the shingle manufacturer’s warranty period is up. Roofing manufacturers will not pay for anything caused by damage due to improper installation, regardless what the roofing contractors wrote on the paperwork. One of those exclusions is nail failure.

That’s why at Sonshine Roofing we always recommend homeowners use stainless steel nails to secure the shingles. We believe the only people who can afford to buy a cheap (low-priced) roof are those that can afford to do it again.    
There’s a sure way to tell if a roofer is really looking out for their customer’s best interest or just trying to make another sale…

If they aren’t talking about the nails they use, they aren’t focused on bringing long-term value to their customers. (Click to tweet!)

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