An Eye-Opening Perspective on the Quality of Roofing Contractor Workers

Feb 2, 2015 | Resources

roofing contractor, sarasota, sonshine roofingIf the roofing contractor isn’t talking about their crew, you should wonder why!

We recently saw this comment in the National Roofing Contractors Association’s (NRCA) members-only newsletter.

“The Associated General Contractors of America reports a national survey of more than 1,000 contractors finds more than 80 percent are having a hard time filling building trades craft worker positions, and the contractors don’t expect the task to get any easier during the next 12 months. That’s no surprise to NRCA members, who face the same issue; we continue to hear reports of a worsening labor market.”

At Sonshine Roofing we have been seeing this situation coming for a long time. Our experience has discovered that this is primarily caused by two scenarios.

First, roofing contractors try to be the winning bidder by competing with the lowest bidders. In addition to other shortcuts that are commonly taken, many roofing contractor will hire workers as cheaply as possible.

This leads to the second problem; homeowners are uninformed! When everyone tries to be the winning bidder based on their price, homeowners are not told “roof installation processes” is one of the top four reasons why roofs fail prematurely.


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When you’re considering a purchase that requires assembling, I recommend you strongly consider the quality of the people who are doing the work.

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