Don’t Think Your Roof is Leaking? (The Yur Roof Letters)

Jul 23, 2013 | Resources, Your Safety

My dear homeowner,

Hello, my name is “Yur Roof” but you commonly refer to me as “the roof on your home or your roof”. Here are some important facts you should know about me. I want a long life too!

Yep, I’m up here on top of your home, taking care of you day and night, rain or shine. In addition to withstanding rain, sun rays and wind, I get attacked by things no one can control, like clogged gutters, falling debris and even golf balls. I also deal with faulty workmanship, improperly used materials and rodents that love to chew on me. All of these factors cause me to fail prematurely.

From the ground the untrained eye will think I am doing just fine but that is not always the case.

You see there are around 20 different “small things” that can happen to me that makes me “sick”. You call it “damage” but I think of it as being hurt or sick. When I am sick all I can do is “cry”. You call it “leaking” but really, I am crying.


I am very good at hiding my tears. Small leaks allow me to pout! Pouting allows me to aggressively destroying everything my tears come in contact with and I even cause mold and mildew. Although you may not notice, my damage is continuous and ongoing until I finally totally collapse structurally. In fact, studies reveal I can hide my tears for up to thirteen years before you would first even notice my “tear stained eyes & cheek marks” on your ceilings and walls.

Of course, this can all be avoided if you can keep me from crying.


The companies that manufactured me designed and warranted me to protect you, your home and possessions up to thirty, fifty or more years. Now you know why I think it is terrible when I frequently get thrown away, like garbage, in less than fifteen years. 

I would love to take care of you properly but some things are out of my control. You see I need your help, without it I cannot protect you like I should.

Ignoring me is like driving your car with the oil level below the “ADD” line on the dip stick. Sure, it won’t blow up right away but eventually it will destroy the engine.


Benefit # 1: I could provide an additional five or more years of cost effective useful service life.

Benefit # 2: It will save you money; identifying problems early means repairs are smaller and less expensive.

Benefit # 3: When it’s time to replace me, you could save thousands of dollars in wood replacement cost along.

Benefit # 4: You and your family will have peace of mind and be more secure when you proactively help me, protect you and your home.

I’ve been talking to some of my friends recently, and I know there are some common mistakes people make. And after a little asking around, I found some great ways to keep me healthy. I’ll share more about those later, but I’m ready to start getting healthy! Can you help me?

With love,
Yur Roof

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