(Roofing) Education is Key

Apr 16, 2015 | Resources

If education is the key to success, then roofing education is the key to making a long-term roofing investment.

With over 50 years of service in the roofing industry, Sonshine Roofing’s experience has proven that some shingled roofs can provide a useful service life for over 30 years. Some tiled roofs can last even longer!

Unfortunately, many roofs need costly repairs or complete replacement in as little as eight to ten years. These failures are seldom covered by any long-term warranty, regardless of what might have been included in the original paperwork. Roof failures are so common that many homeowners simply accept premature roof failure without giving it a second thought.

So why the big discrepancy?

Simply put, the things that a roofer must do to extend a roof’s longevity also increase the homeowner’s financial investment, and they are not required in order to receive the building department or manufacturer’s approval. It’s similar to the difference in price of cars. Even the cheapest cars on the market meet all government regulations. However, while any experienced person knows entry level vehicles are by far not the best or the safest, the difference is much harder to see in a roof.

For example, many roofers will point out that they have a fifty-year or lifetime material warranty. Homeowners generally think that is a great value; however, material manufacturer’s warranties seldom ever pay. So, of what value is a warranty when the inclusions in the fine print exclude the things which typically fail?

When roofers try to be price competitive with the lowest estimates, homeowners remain uninformed even when they receive three or more free estimates.

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How can you, a homeowner, know the difference between the estimates you receive?

Here is a great indicator: if the bids you get look pretty much the same, then they most likely are.

In order to get upgrades that extend, or even double, a roof’s useful service life, the person providing the bid will take time to provide you with information so you are well educated about your options.

Once you understand the differences, it is easy to see how a little extra investment will provide a far superior roof. Then, it is up to you to decide if you can afford to award your roof to a roofing contractor who is competing with the lowest bidders.


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