3 Things Most Sarasota Roofing Contractors Won’t Tell You

Feb 3, 2015 | Resources

sarasota, roofing contractorsMost homeowners in Sarasota have difficulty knowing how to find the best and most reliable roofing contractors. They end up settling for the roofing contractors that offer them the ‘best’ deals when it comes to roofing prices and materials.

Unfortunately homeowners do not know that many contractors offer them prices which favor the contractors more than the homeowners.

It’s not beneficial to spend less on your roofing costs when it means you’ll end up spending as much as three times more on your roof maintenance costs. In fact, many homeowners in Sarasota have concluded that roofs do not last in the area.

The truth is that roofs can last twice as long when the job is done right! Some of the things your roofing contractor will not tell you include:

The contract favors the roofing contractor

After you have agreed with your roofing contractor, you will need to sign a contract.  The contract includes things like the materials which will be used in your roofing project. In order to lower their cost, some roofing contractors go for cheapest materials that only meet minimum building code requirements. These are never the best materials for your roof. Cheap materials (and even nails) will fail resulting in a weak roof and will void manufacturer’s warranties.

The license is just a piece of paper

Roofing licensing requirements are relatively easy to meet. It is a good thing but just being licensed is not a guarantee of the best. Anyone can go to class and sit for a simple written exam which they obviously pass. It is important for home owners to note that passing a written exam is not a guarantee of quality roofing. Instead it is the frequent practice at the site. What does this mean?  In fact, many roofing contractors rely only on what is written in textbooks and other resources. That’s good but it will never be the best available. However, craftsmen use the practical knowledge they have earned from the ground. Craftsmen know exactly what to do for a quality roof because they are experienced. This is why we recommend that homeowners should stick to craftsman-level work. This is the best way to go because it offers a long-term solution to your roof and saves you from unnecessary roof maintenance expenses. This is the easiest way to boost your long-term savings.

Be aware (not beware) of “hidden” costs

Before a homeowner selects a roofing contractor, he or she will try to bargain and pick the contractor who offers lower prices. Often a “lowest price” can have hidden costs resulting in you paying out more than you expected. If you do not know what you are getting for your money, then your money is at risk regardless how little (or how much) you pay.  There are sometimes things which are hidden from view that can legitimately make the price go up. Homeowners are therefore advised to ensure they are well informed and have a detailed agreement prior to signing and making any payments.

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